Frequently asked questions2020-01-18T12:56:55+01:00

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions will be posted here. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything by either calling, emailing us, or using our contact form.

Rent vehicle/coach without chauffeur2020-01-19T14:16:40+01:00

Unfortunately we are not permitted to rent out coaches seating more than 17 passengers.

It can be occasions where we can rent out minibuses for up to 16 passengers, if we have the capacity.

Pick up routines for groups at OSL Oslo Airport Gardermoen2020-01-19T14:20:37+01:00

Groups arriving OSL Gardermoen must turn to the information desk in the arrival hall vis a via Peppes Pizza. There you have to state your group name, and tell them that VIP Transport AS is picking you up. We will inform them in advance.

The information desk will then contact the chauffeur which is parked in a bus depot a couple of hundred meters from the terminal. It will arrive at the given platform within 3-4 minutes and the chauffeur will greet the passengers. The chauffeur will always keep informed of any delays that may occur on your travel.

Lost and found2020-01-19T14:12:50+01:00

Lost and found from our vehicles and coaches will be stored in our office for three months.

If you are missing items from your trip with us, we can be contacted at phone: +47 988 70 000 during our opening hours Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

If you want the item(s) to be returned to you by mail, this can be done by COD or preorder.

Is there WIFI available in the vehicles and coaches?2020-01-19T10:29:53+01:00

We can offer free WIFI in our vehicles, but this has to be ordered in advance.

How do I pay for the ride?2020-01-19T14:05:38+01:00

Normally we send out an invoice after the ride. In certain exceptions we demand prepayment from private customers. You can pay via bank transfer, VIPPS or credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Other payment forms than invoice must be agreed upon when submitting your order.

Do we inform of name and number for the chauffeur?2020-01-19T03:07:48+01:00

If you wish to know the name and number of the driver, this can be provided the day prior to the transportation if nothing else is agreed upon. Contact our administration by phone: 988 70 000 or email: for this information.

Do we have childrens seats available?2020-01-19T03:10:03+01:00

VIP Transport AS have a limited number of children’s seats available in different sizes.

To provide you with these we need to know how many children, their age and weight. Children’s seats must be booked in advance via our administration, and can be done by phone: 988 70 000 or email:

Can we have food served during our trip?2020-01-19T14:07:44+01:00

We cooperate with catering companies and can serve our customers fresh baguettes, wraps, cheese bread, water, soda, coffee etc. Prices are provided at request.

Can we bring food and/or beverages on to the vehicle/coach?2020-01-19T03:17:18+01:00

Yes, you may bring food and beverages inside the bus. We do not accept glass bottles, wine glasses, or red wine. If you want to bring along food and/or beverages we would like to be informed in advance.

Can the bus stop during the transportation, or can the departure- and arrival place be changed?2020-01-19T03:15:12+01:00

If you want to pick up or let off passengers during your transportation, this can be agreed upon directly with the driver, if this occurs after the trip has started.

If you want to change the departure- and arrival place, this has to go through out administration before the trip starts. We can be contacted by phone: 988 70 000 or email:

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